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Therapy and counselling provide many options that address different concerns. See Individual Therapy for more information. Family Therapy may be of interest to you. Read more about Group Therapy and Marital Therapy. Anger Management Therapy and Sex Offender Treatment are also types of therapy David Benson provides.

David Benson is a highly skilled Clinical Social Worker with extensive child and adolescent treatment experience in outpatient and residential settings. He also provides therapy to adults and couples.


Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is a process which consists of individual sessions that treat some of the following common occurrences in adults: Life changes including school, work, marriage, separation/divorce, grief/loss, stress management; depression/anxiety; anger management; trauma; communication and problem solving skills; personal growth/skill building.

Individual therapy with children/adolescents often address: social skill deficits; behavior issues; peer relationships; school problems; depression; self-esteem and self-confidence; anxiety/fears; ADHD; grief/loss; trauma; divorce; self-identity, personal growth and healthy adolescent risk-taking.

Many therapeutic methods and techniques are used, depending on the client's age, cognitive functioning and the severity of one's issues. The duration, or number of sessions a client is in treatment varies, and is dependent on their own personal growth.

Services Provided:

  • Initial Evaluation/Intake (Usually One Hour)
  • Individual Therapy Sessions (45-50 Minutes)
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment Planning and Treatment Recommendations.
  • Availability during crisis by cell phone (If an emergency, please call 911).
  • Frequent communication/availability to parents (with children or adolescent clients) through phone calls and e-mails.

Family Therapy

Family therapy can be very helpful with not only treating a "family" but an individual. At times, working with children and adolescents, it may be beneficial to have a few sessions with the entire family as part of treatment. This does not substitute the individuals own therapy, however, engages the entire family system. There are times when families can be torn apart by illness, divorce or other problems that create conflict and stress. Family therapy can help families identify and resolve problems.

Your family can be your greatest source of support, comfort and love. But it can also be your greatest source of pain and grief. Family therapy can help patch strained relationships among family members and improve how your family works together. Whether it's yourself, your spouse, a child or even a sibling or parent, family therapy can help all of you relate more harmoniously.


Group Therapy

Group therapy may benefit the client, depending on his/her needs Groups are not for everyone, but many find the group therapy process to be very beneficial. It is common for clients to be involved in both individual and group therapy, depending on their issues, diagnosis and social skills.

David Benson/EastShore Counseling Services currently offers Anger Management Groups, Sex-Offender Treatment Groups and Social Skills Groups. Group start dates are contingent on the number of clients registered for the particular group.

National Association of Social Workers professional credentials and specialty certifications provide recognition to those who have met national standards for higher levels of experience and knowledge, and are not a substitute for required state licenses or certifications.


Marital Therapy

Marriage counseling, also called couples therapy, helps couples - married or not - understand and resolve conflicts or improve their relationship. Marriage counseling gives couples the tools to communicate better, negotiate differences, problem solve and even argue in a healthier way.

Marriage counseling is often short-term. You may need only a few sessions to help you through a crisis. Sometimes marriage counseling may go on for several months, particularly if your relationship has greatly deteriorated. As with individual therapy, you typically see a marriage counselor once a week depending on the circumstances.

David Benson/EastShore Counseling provides safe, confidential marital counseling. There may be times after the initial evaluation that will require the couple to be treated individually to address personal issues not directly related to the marital/couple problems, but issues that certainly may impact their communication and relationship.


Anger Management Therapy

Anger Management can include both, individual or group therapy. We all experience anger often, maybe even daily. One of the goals of anger management is not to eliminate the anger, but to use it as a signal that there is a problem or issue that needs to be addressed. Second, anger will most likely never be eliminated, rather it can be managed appropriately and not effect one's social interactions, family, peer or marital interactions. Clients are taught techniques to control their anger and identify the triggers associated with their anger to avoid negative consequences.

There are many triggers that can set off anger episodes. When anger is intense our ability to think is altered. We often react impulsively without regard to any consequences. These actions may damage relationships and make us feel personally ashamed and guilty later. Many times old immaturities from our childhood can be triggered.

Reacting in anger just keeps us stuck in the past and decreases our ability to mature

Often anger is secondary to other emotions like hurt, loss and disrespect. It is important to figure out what these underlying feelings are if a proper solution is to take place. The client will recognize the different forms of anger and relate it to their own behavior.

David Benson, LMSW, ACSW utilizes cognitive behavioral techniques, as well as workbooks specifically designed for children, adolescents and adults who struggle with anger management. Assignments are done individually and with the therapist. Anger Management Groups are offered on a basis of need and registered clients.


Inappropriate Sexual Behavior/Sex Offender Treatment

In an age when childhood sexual abuse and victimization is increasingly on our minds, it is important for parents (and other caretakers) to understand what is "normal" sexual development and behavior in children and teenagers, and which behaviors might a victim of sexual abuse, or acting in a sexually aggressive manner towards others.

David Benson, ACSW provides treatment to children and adolescents that demonstrate inappropriate sexual behavior. In addition, David has provided sex offender treatment to many adults. David's background includes working in a juvenile detention facility with detained adolescents who had at least one sex offense as well as mental health issues. David has facilitated sex offender groups for adults on parole/probation through the Michigan Department of Corrections.

Many cognitive methods are used to treat inappropriate sexual behavior and sex offenders. Treatment includes identifying the stages and cycles of thinking, behavior and triggers. The focus of treatment is to reduce recidivism. As part of treatment, each child/adolescent or adult is provided with a workbook that is completed and monitored by the therapist.